Minecraft Pocket Edition APK 2018 – Download FREE MOD APK [Latest]

Minecraft Pocket Edition FREE MOD APK Download: In this article, we will discuss How to download Minecraft Pocket Edition APK. We will also talk about how to download the Minecraft mod APK the game to play it in your android device.

Do you want to play Minecraft everywhere you go? then we have good new for you, Minecraft have just released Pocket Edition named MCPE APK of the game so that you can play this game anywhere you go from your mobile device.

If you don’t know then let me tell you that minecraft pocket edition is also being called as MCPE as a short name!

Minecraft apk isn’t just a game, It actually improves your creativity!

Minecraft Pocket Edition MOD APK Free Download

Minecraft Pocket Edition Download FREE MOD APK Paid
Minecraft Pocket Edition Download FREE MOD APK Paid

Introduction to the Minecraft Pocket Edition:

Minecraft is a survival and a Sandbox game. In Minecraft, the player has to build a variety of different cube in the environment. The player can also explore the game environment, also gather different resources and also combat within the environment.

Minecraft APK also has a multi-player mode of gameplay. The multi-player also includes the survival mode. In both modes, the player has to one single motive. The player has to gather the resources from the environment and build different objects.

Minecraft APK also has the creative mode. In this player have infinite resources to build the objects in the environment. In this mode, the player also has the ability to fly.

an move around the world freely. The gravity of the environment is disabled thus the player can move freely. The player can also free from collisions.

The PC version of the game has been very successful and also been noted for the modeling scenes.

Minecraft is one of the best and creative game! its not a boring game like the rest of the games out there, here in minecraft you can use different maps created by other players and you can always use the skins for the minecraft player!

In minecraft you can do whatever you want to unlike the other games you have mission and you have to fulfill them! This is the real beauty about the minecraft!

Minecraft Pocket Edition APK:

After the success of the PC version of the Minecraft, Majong they have made Minecraft Pocket Edition and released the mobile version of the game. The name of the mobile version of the Minecraft known as Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

Initially, on August 16, 2011, the Minecraft Pocket Edition APK was launched only for the Xperia PLAY on Google Play store. Later it was also released for other Android devices on October 7, 2011. Not only for android but this game was also released for iOS.

On November 17, 2011, the Minecraft pocket edition was released for iOS. The mobile version was also made available for purchase on the Amazon Appstore.

The gameplay of the Minecraft Pocket Edition Mod APK:

In the mobile version, the objective of the game remains the same as the other version such as the Java Edition and also the Legacy Console Edition. Here players interact with the sandbox-like environment. They can build virtual realities in the Minecraft mobile version as well.

In the Minecraft mod APK, it has the same objective and you get more resources and other credits to enjoy the game.

The Minecraft mod Pocket Edition also has survival elements. There are also some other versions of the game. The other version of the game includes such as brewing and hunger. The Minecraft mobile version and Minecraft mod feature some dimensions like the Nether and the End.

For all touch-screen devices in which we can play the game. There is also a multi-player mode. This mode is a cross-platform compatible with different devices that support the game.

Features of the Minecraft Pocket Edition APK:

The mobile version of the game different standards of gameplay has been included. It has features such as HUD and other elements. They have been adapted to mobile.

Interactions are made via touchscreen both for the Minecraft for iOS and Minecraft for Android versions of Pocket Edition have the same game-play.

To overcome the disadvantages of touchscreen game-play, there were several features revised. For example, the crafting system uses the MATTIS system and items are disposed of by long-tapping their icon on the hot bar.

In the mobile version, a user can also use the feature of multiplayer. To play the multiplayer mod, there are following ways for connection:

  1. Using the Xbox Live
  2. Using the LAN connection, here total five players are allowed to connect.
  3. External User server, There are different software which we can use to connect.
  4. Using the Pocket Realms, This feature was available again in Alpha 0.15.0 as it was closed in Alpha 0.7.6.

After the release of the Minecraft Pocket Edition, Minecraft for Android and Minecraft for iOS has sold up to 16.5 million copies. The Java version has also been sold up to 13 million.

In Google Play store, the App is available in the paid section and also in the list of the top charts. It ranked between in the top 10 Apps in the store.

MCPE APK for android

minecraft pocket edition for android
minecraft pocket edition for android

System Requirements for the Minecraft Mod apk:

To play the Minecraft mod APK on your mobile, your system should have following minimum system requirements.

Minimum System Requirements of Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android:

  • Andriod Version 4.2(Jelly Bean) or higher.
  • Processor: Neon or better.
  • Graphics: OpenGL ES 2.0 or better.
  • Storage: 12.5 Mb which can rise to 100 MB to 1 GB.
  • Data Connection: Optional

Now you can easily play Minecraft pocket edition apk in your android device!

Minimum System Requirements of Minecraft Pocket Edition for iOS:

  • iOS Version8.0 or higher.
  • Processor: 600 MHz ARMv7 Cortex CPU or 800 MHz Apple A5 CPU.
  • Graphics: OpenGL ES 2.0 or better.
  • Storage: 9.5 MB which can rise from 100 Mb to 1 GB.
  • Data Connection: Optional

Minecraft Mod apk 2018 FREE DOWNLOAD:

After the success of the Android version of the game, There are different mods available in the market. We can install these mods on our mobile to enjoy the game better.

The mods have the same game-play like the original game. There are no changes made to the game. Instead, there are some features available which make the game more interesting.

The Minecraft mod apk may include following:

  1. We get some premium skins. These premium skins are locked in the original apk of the game. But there are now unlocked in the mod. We can download the Minecraft mod apk to more interesting environments in the game.
  2. No damage mod, This Minecraft mod APK gives you no damage feature. Here the player is free to roam. The player will not be damaged if collides with the wall or any other objects in the world.
  3. Unlimited breath feature allows makes independent of running out of breath of the game which makes the game less stressful and interesting.
  4. Max inventory Size allows you to store more items than regulars back. The more items in the inventory the better object and the world we can build in the game.
  5. Max score gives the maximum score on your scoreboard.

The Minecraft apk is supported following Android Version:

  1. Android Marshmallow.
  2. Lollipop
  3. KitKat.
  4. Jelly Bean.
  5. Ice Cream Sandwich.
  6. Honeycomb.
  7. Gingerbread.
  8. Froyo.
  9. Eclair.

If you want the real fun of playing the Minecraft Then I recommend the Minecraft mod apk to download.

Minecraft pocket edition apk Download:

You can use the following link to download the mod for your device:

Download Minecraft Mod and Original Minecraft APK Version from here.

Congratulations, you have finally found the minecraft pocket edition apk to play it on your android and iOS device for free!

If you have any question about the MCPE APK, Minecraft apk of 2018 Or minecraft Mod APK then feel free to ask! 😉

Have fun playing Minecraft APK 2018!

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