Latest GBWhatsapp APK download 2018

The most popular and leading app for free and instant messaging is “Whats app”, having more than 1 billion users and spread across 180 countries. It is a free and instant messaging app used to stay in touch with friends and family.

The app is available in all the devices with android, IOS, windows etc. The first app one downloads on the phone would be whatsapp. One spends most of the time on using this whatsapp and it is the easiest and the most popular instant messaging app. The app has all the features such as instant messaging, calls and video calls.

Latest GBWhatsapp APK download 2018

Latest GBWhatsapp APK download 2018
Latest GBWhatsapp APK download 2018

GBWhatsapp: You must know what is GbWhatsapp to have a better version than the regular whatsapp. There are various features included in this GBWhatsapp APK version. This can be downloaded and only on an android device.

Among all the Mods available for whatsapp on the internet, GBWhatsapp is one of the best one to download because of the varieties in its features. You can download GBWhatsapp APK Mod for android here.

This Mod version is regularly updated to get you more features and to enjoy this Mod of GBWhatsapp more and a long term. You will face no issues downloading this Mod or version since the developer of this Mod keeps a track of it regularly.

This Mod version has a lot of added features compared to your normal whatsapp. The additional features like hiding or freezing the last seen and hiding the blue ticks, shows the online status of other users, themes etc.

This is the advanced level of whatsapp. The GBWhatsapp APK Mod is very easy to download and it works on both the rooted and non-rooted devices. The other Whatsapp Mods are YOWhatsapp, Whatsapp plus etc, but this is the boss since this can be used along with the official Whatsapp, like dualwhatsapp in a single device. Isn’t it cool?

Download the latest GBWhatsapp APK Mod here.

The GBWhatsapp has all the features of a official version of whatsapp. Here is the list of all the extra features on GBWhatsapp. It has a huge list of additional features which you will discover once you start using it and with tons of themes and variations.

The additional features of GBWhatsapp are:

  • Hide or view the status.
  • Hide the last seen only for the selected contacts.
  • Various themes to apply and get a variety.
  • Block calls for selected / specific contacts.
  • You get an Auto reply feature where you can reply your contacts automatically when you are busy.
  • Do Not Disturb (DND) feature is available (disable only whatsapp).
  • New emojis are available.
  • Additional video transfer. You can send a video till 50 MB.
  • It supports upto 100 languages.
  • Feature to stay online 24 hours.
  • Usable with official Whatsapp.
  • No ban issues.
  • New chat style, bubbles, blue ticks etc.
  • New group features for the group admin.
  • Send broadcast messages to 600 people.
  • Schedule whatsapp messages with inbuilt scheduler.
  • Copy others status to the clipboard.
  • Show last seen of others and online status of others on Home.
  • Open links without saving the contacts.
  • Change bubble,ticks, colour according to your taste.
  • A selfie flash is added.
  • Send GIFs.
  • Voice calling can be disabled in this.
  • The notification icon and the application icon can be changed.
  • Copy a selected words or text.
  • Send more images at once, upto 90 instead of just 10 images.
  • Now you can lock your whatsapp without any external third party application. It is inbuilt.
  • Create your own whatsapp theme and submit to use it.
  • You can send documents such as PDF, TXT, Docs upto 50 MB.
  • Fixed maps when sending locations.
  • Quick reply option available (press and hold the message to reply quickly from the notification).
  • Revoke multiple messages once added and you can delete multiple messages at once.
  • Now you can send 100 documents instead of 30.
  • Themeed emoji and GIF search is included.
  • You can search multiple contacts in the scheduler for sending a single message.
  • Emoji scroll.
  • Custom anti revoke available.
  • Anti-Revoke options which has privacy is added.
  • More storage and advanced management of storage is updated.
  • Images and video filters for sending any images and videos.
  • Live location can be sent.

GBWhatsapp APK latest version download (installation) :

Download NOW!

After you download GBWhatsapp here is the step by step procedure for installation:

  1. Enable unknown sources in the security settings of your android device. Settings > Security > click > unknown sources.
  2. After enabling the unknown sources, open the downloaded GBWhatsapp APK Mod version from the downloads or in your files.
  3. Click on it to install the GBWhatsapp and wait for the installation process to complete. This might take from seconds to minute to install based on your phone speed.
  4. After the latest GBWhtasapp Apk installation, open the app and enter your mobile number:
  5. Confirm the mobile number you have entered by entering the one time password which you receive after entering the phone number.

TADA!! You have successfully completed the installation GBWhatsapp. The GBWhatsapp APK Mod version is downloaded. You can enjoy all the new features and themes available in this Apk Mod.After setting up your profile, you can start enjoying all the features and apply different styles, colours and themes and custom it according to your style and taste.

Some frequent questions asked are is it safe and is it better than whatsapp etc.

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Here are the answers for it:

1) Is it safe to use? Does this harm my phone/ device?
The GBWhatsapp Apk Mob is definitely safe to use and this causes no harm to your phone/ device.

2) Is it better than the official Whatsapp?
It is far better than the official whats app since it has various additional features and customizations.

3) Is it available for IOS / Iphone?
Unfortunately this GBWhats app APK Mod is not available for iphone, yet if your phone is rooted then you can install GBWhatsapp through the link.

4) Can I use two GBWhatsapp on the same device?
TWO GBWhatsapp can be used simultaneously in the same android device. Two accounts can be maintained in the same device.

5) Can I use 3 GBwhatsapp on the same device with Whatsapp plus and YOwhatsapp etc?
Yes! You can use 3 GBWhatsapp on the same device with YOWhatsapp and Whatsapp plus.

6) Is there any difference between GBWhatsapp, YOWhatsapp and Whats app plus?
There is no difference between GBWhatsapp and Whatsapp plus except that this GBWhatsapp is better than YOWhatsapp and Whatsapp plus.

7) Should I uninstall the official Whatsapp to download and use GBWhatsapp?
There is no need to uninstall the official whatsapp to use GBWhatsapp.

8) Can I freeze (pause) my last seen on GBWhatsapp?
The last seen can be freezed here.

9) Can I lock and set password for this GBWhatsapp?
The most of all you can set a password for this app and lock it without using any third party application.

10) Does it overwrite Whatsapp folder?
No! It will create its own GBWhatsapp folder and you can use it as a dual whatsapp.

11) Is my data safe to use?
Your data is 100% safe and secure.

If you have any question about GBWhatsapp then feel free to ask!

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